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Video: EFF member confronts business owner over alleged non-payment

Video footage showing a heated confrontation between an EFF (Economic
Freedom Fighters) member and a business over, over the alleged
non-payment of employees, has been shared by party leader Julius Malema.
The fiery exchange, which allegedly took place at a Debonairs
pizzeria in Tshwane, was spearheaded by EFF member Mpho Moses Morolane,
who is well-known for defending the rights of workers in a
confrontational fashion.

The video shows Morolane, who is accompanied by an associate, calling
on workers to testify on the issue of non-payment. The alleged business
owner attempts to explain the situation as a misunderstanding, but
things get heated when he reprimands Morolane on his heavy-handed
The workers, summoned by Morolane, raise their hands when asked if
non-consensual deductions had been made on their pay. An irate Morolane
then, once more, takes the owner to task, demanding that he pay the
workers what they are owed.

Mpho Moses Morolane is the former president of the EFF’s Student
Command and has dedicated his time at the party to fighting for workers’
rights. During his tenure as president, Morolane was instrumental in
the insourcing of security guards, cleaners and catering staff at UNISA
and the University of Pretoria.

Morolane, who has allegedly formed his own worker’s union in
association with the EFF, shot to infamy earlier in the year when video
footage of a fiery employment debate involving construction workers
surfaced on social media.

In similar style to the video footage obtained during the recent
Debonairs incident, Morolane engages in a heated debate with white
foreman and bosses gathered in the construction yard. The exchange
quickly spirals out of control when Morolane is reprimanded by senior
employees who are facilitating the meeting. An incensed Morolane can be
heard shouting:

“We are representing the workers. We are not scared of
you. You don’t pay people enough. You pay them R1900 a month – what is
that? How much are you earning?”