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Proverb is having his best moment in Dubai

Proverb has been blowing fans mind recently, both on the negative and positive path. Days back, the TV host made headlines with his bae Liesl Laurie as it was heard that they’ve broken up and went as far as deleting their pictures on their social media accounts, this left fans in shock.

It’s clear that Proverb has moved on as he just bought himself a new cute car which he posed with and flaunts photos of the car on Instagram. After that, the next action was for him to chill out and guess what!

Pro is in Dubai, living life, learning life and loving life. He’s shared snaps of his beautiful moments there and shared things he learnt about Dubai. One of which he shared is; ‘Twas interesting to learn that all of the islands are man-made in Dubai.’

He also Ski dived; ‘Tried skiing today at Ski Dubai, I’ll try anything at least once.’ It’s glaring Pro will try everything possible to have huge fun in Dubai.