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Hidden Truths Teasers – November 2018 What Will Hapen?

Saucy Brazilian telenovela Hidden Truths begins a run on Mzansi Wethu tonight (Monday, 5 November) at 22h00, replacing Imperio which ended on Friday.
The series aired on the channel in January this year but was under the radar because of the holidays.
Here’s a look at what it’s about, followed by the first teasers:
The leading character is Arlete, a beautiful young girl full of dreams. She arrives in São Paulo wanting to become a model, but ends up working as a luxury prostitute instead.
Hit by the needs that life imposes, she cannot overcome the traps disguised as opportunities, allowing herself to be taken by an obscure reality which goes far beyond the catwalks.
This is when Alex – a powerful, rich, seductive and experienced man – comes into her life. She is enchanted by him. And he is mesmerized by his young lover.
Flash fact: the series is known as Verdades Secretas in Spanish.
Coming up in November:
Monday 5 November 2018
Episode 1
Hilda gets a scholarship for Arlete (also known as Angel) to study in a traditional school. Giovanna, a rich and spoiled girl, rejects Arlete at the new school.
Tuesday 6 November 2018
Episode 2
Hilda confesses to Carolina that she owes a lot of money because of the house bills, while Angel secretly listens in on the conversation.
Wednesday 7 November 2018
Episode 3
Hilda receives a judicial notice for the delayed payments of her accounts. Carolina berates her daughter for coming home late.
Thursday 8 November 2018
Episode 4
Angel looks for Fanny, who is quite upset with her. Meanwhile, Flavia lies to her friends about her financial situation.
Friday 9 November 2018
Episode 5
Carolina assures Hilda and Darlene that she will wait for Angel and later, Angel goes to meet Alexandre at the hotel.
Monday 12 November 2018
Episode 6
Darlene has suspicions about the money that Angel supposedly won. Alexandre asks Fanny to give Angel a makeover.
Tuesday 13 November 2018
Episode 7
Pia worries about Giovanna. Giovanna tries to approach Angel at school.
Wednesday 14 November 2018
Episode 8
Flavia meets with Osvaldo while Angel dines at Giovnna’s house with Pia, Igor and Bruno.
Thursday 15 November 2018
Episode 9
Angel is stunned by the news that Lyris was raped by Alex. Fanný sees Alex and tries to blackmail him.
Friday 16 November 2018
Episode 10
Edgar swears revenge against Alex. Angel goes to meet with Lozada.
Monday 19 November 2018
Episode 11
In an attempt to justify herself, Arlete says she went into prostitution because she feared that her grandmother would lose the apartment.
Tuesday 20 November 2018
Episode 12
Carolina feels helpless – but she does not know why she’s feeling this way. Viviana complains about Angel to a friend.
Wednesday 21 November 2018
Episode 13
Viviana needs time away from Yasmín. Jaziel offers Angel money and asks her to sleep with him.
Thursday 22 November 2018
Episode 14
Guillermo asks Angel for forgiveness. Fanny tells Giovanna to stay away from Anthony.
Friday 23 November 2018
Episode 15
Anthony and Giovanna come up with a plan to get married.
Monday 26 November 2018
Episode 16
Alex tells Angel that he still loves her. Alex convinces Anthony to accept money to get away from Giovanna.
Tuesday 27 November 2018
Episode 17
Alex and Fanný talk about Giovanna and Anthony. Alex dines with Carolina and then takes her to his apartment.
Wednesday 28 November 2018
Episode 18
Alex calls Fanný and invites her to lunch. Later, Fanny goes to Hilda’s house to talk to Angel.
Thursday 29 November 2018
Episode 19
Angel decides not to tell her mother anything about her past with Alex. Angel takes Carolina to buy an engagement ring.
Friday 30 November 2018
Episode 20
Alex ends his engagement with Samia and she leaves, furious. Alex tells his family he is going to get married and invites everyone to dinner at his house.
Hidden Truths airs on Mzansi Wethu from Mondays to Fridays at 22h00.