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Uzalo Latest Episode and Teaser for 31 October 2018

The thought of having a ‘calling’ scared Nosipho while GC used KwaMashu Celebrations money to pay his rent.

latest episode of Uzalo saw Nosipho fear for her future. Meanwhile, GC
swindled Mrs Madlala into giving him money for the rent he owed Thobile.

Episode Overview

Mondli was deeply disturbed by Nosipho’s new way of life.
GC bullied Mrs Madlala into paying him for the services KwaMashu Celebrations provided for her husband’s funeral.
Mondli suspected that Nkunzi and his gang were back in the car hijacking business.
Nkunzi was incensed to learn that another gang had beat him to stealing a fleet of vehicles. He vowed to kill off any rivals.
interrogated Qinisela about Nkunzi’s business dealings. Qinisela
distracted Mondli by giving details of Qhabanga’s return to criminal

Mondli found his officers drinking while on duty. They encouraged him to relax but he ordered them back to work.
promised Nkunzi that he would not snitch on their operations. He then
suggested that he give the police fake tip offs to lead them astray.
Mondli turned to one of his officers for advice on how to deal with Nosipho. The officer encouraged him to stick by her.
MaNgcobo and Nosipho went for a second consultation with a sangoma to clarify their confusion over her future.
GC paid Thobile the rent he owed. She insisted he sign a lease to prevent further abuses of her kindness.
Gabisile and Qhabanga flirted over the phone. She cut the call short as Mdletshe returned home.
Nosipho begged MaNgcobo to let her consult with MaMlambo.
You can watch the full episode below: