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Uzalo Latest Episode and Teaser for 30 October 2018

Nosipho was called to become a sangoma while Qhabanga joined Nkunzi in planning a car heist.

latest episode of Uzalo saw Nosipho discover her calling to become a
sangoma. Meanwhile, Qhabanga gave up his honest streak to join Nkunzi’s
car thieving syndicate.

Episode Overview

MaNgcobo relented against consulting with Magwaza and took Nosipho to him for a consultation about her dreams.

MaMlambo was saddened by a client who was ungrateful for being pregnant.
GC demanded that Thobile upgrade the flat before he pays rent. She ordered him to move out.
Magwaza revealed that Nosipho’s great-grandmother is calling her to become a sangoma.
invited Qhabanga to join him and Mxolisi in planning an elaborate car
heist. Qhabanga was reluctant to lose his position in the community, but
eventually gave in for the promise of big money.

MaNgcobo felt sorry for MaMlambo as she grew ever more desperate to give Nkunzi a child.
GC and Fikile approached Mrs Madlala about the outstanding payment for their work at the funeral.
MaMlambo visited Nkunzi at the panel beaters to ‘bond’. He turned her away and went off to his meeting.
MaMlambo taunted Mrs Madlala for being a mistress for over twenty years.
Nosipho practiced being a sangoma. Mondli was shocked by her behaviour.
Nkunzi and Qhabanga hired Qinisela to work with them on the heist. He promised never to betray Nkunzi again.
Mondli could not handle Nosipho’s transition into becoming a sangoma.
You can watch the full episode below: