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Sophie Ndaba is alive and well, reports of her passing is fake news

Sophie Ndaba is still the Queen Moroka we wish we had as a member of
our family. Moreover, she is alive and well, contrary to the fake news
that has been circulating on social media about her alleged passing.

Who is Sophie Ndaba?

We will forgive you this time. Sophie Ndaba is a legendary South African actress who has graced our screens as Queen Moroka, on Generations
for the most part of our lives (if you were born in the 90s). Her
eccentric role as the relative of Karabo Moroka captured the hearts of
many South Africans.

She, together with a slew of other cast members of the popular
soapie, left the brainchild of Mfundi Vundla citing issues of payment.

Since then, she has featured on a number of independent productions.
However, for the most part, she tries her best to stay away from social
media, but for some reason, it seems to find her

Sophie Ndaba clears rumours of her passing

Social media went into a frenzy after it was said that Expresso Show
had allegedly broke the news of her passing on their show that aired on
Tuesday morning.

People could not believe the news, let alone accept it a week after
dealing with the loss of Hip-Hop pioneer, HHP. However, Expresso Show
was quick to realise what was happening and issued a statement on its
position regarding the allegation that they started the rumour.