Home News Kelly Khumalo confirms relationship with Chad Da Don on East Coast Radio

Kelly Khumalo confirms relationship with Chad Da Don on East Coast Radio

Kelly Khumalo joined East Coast Radio’s Jane Linley-Thomas for an exclusive interview on Tuesday, 30 October 2018.

Kelly Khumalo’s new album, Unleashed is set for release on Friday, 2 November 2018.

The official music video for her single, ‘Dance Comigo’, which is the second single off the album, was released recently, sparking rumours of a romance between her and rapper Chad Da Don, who stars in the raunchy music video alongside her.

On Tuesday, 30 October 2018, Khumalo joined East Coast Radio jockey Jane Linley-Thomas for an exclusive interview, detailing her strategies for coping as a celebrity and a mother of two, her new music and her alleged relationship with Chad Da Don.

Linley-Thomas questioned the singer outrightly about the romance rumours. Khumalo tactfully answered, saying, “Let’s just say I’m very happy…he’s amazing.”

Speaking on her role as a mother, Khumalo said, “I’ve learnt to be very kind to myself. I can’t give my children what I don’t give myself. So, it starts with me. I take care of myself, so I can take care of them.”

Linley-Thomas then asked Khumalo about her feelings on the passing of rapper HHP.

“I was told by Chad. I could not believe it, I said he was lying, maybe it’s just one of those social media stunts,” she said. “It’s so sad. And I think the biggest issue is that we go through things alone and we never communicate. You will never get help if you don’t communicate, because you seem fine to us, and yet you are dying in your own private space.”

Lastly, Khumalo spoke on her upcoming album Unleashed.

“It’s such an overwhelming moment for me. Everything is just happening so beautifully at once,” she said. “I am very happy, I am unleashed in all ways.”